1966  England win world cup

The beginning of Sparkford

The year 1966 is known for being the year England won the World Cup, (and we will never let anyone forget :) - the World Cup itself was stolen and luckily recovered. The Beatles played their final concert, Chancellor of the Exchequer James Callaghan announces the decision to embrace decimalisation of the pound, Cassius Clay Defeats Henry Cooper in two title fights in London …and Sparkford Chemicals was incorporated.

1976 - The Heatwave to beat all...

Our 10th Birthday

Our 10th birthday….1976 was the hottest British summer on record, the best year for the UK economy, and Southampton (hometown for Sparkford) won the FA Cup, and Tim Gibbons had joined Sparkford and took charge of the introduction of new fibre ranges in the Sparkford portfolio.

1986 - The M25 is completed, almost...

Next generation of Sparkford

1986 was a big year for infrastructure in the UK, with completion of the M25, and the signing of the French-Anglo agreement to build a tunnel under the Channel to connect the two countries.Simon Gibbons joins the company and takes on the marketing for the Alusisse Italia anhydride range.

1996 - The Spice Girls hit the big time

The digital World takes off...

1996 sees some of the biggest changes in the world beginning with the first sales of DVDs in Japan, and the number of people accessing the internet reaches 10,000,000, and EBAY starts up.The EU bans Britain exporting beef, the Spice Girls arrive, and Take That split up. Mergers and closures have slowed Polyester Resin demand in the UK, but the emergence of alternative application additions in paper seizing, water treatment, luboil and fuel additives replace some of this loss.

2006 - A whale in the Thames

Sparkford move offices

England leave another world cup by losing on penalties. Google have acquired YouTube, and the AirBus 380 lands for the first time at London Heathrow. Sparkford have purchased a new office on The Avenue in Southampton, and a new distribution for Sasol-Huntsman Maleic Anhydride is bringing molten and solid material to the UK market.

2016 - Andy Murray wins Wimbledon

Sparkford move to new offices in Twyford

Our 50th year, and Sparkford relocates outside Southampton. Fibre sales are spreading across markets and countries and materials are air freighted around the globe. Other logistic challenges have been the evoluation of telemetry. Despite the prediction of tough times for the UK, demand remains strong and volume targets remain on budget.

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